OPTOS Retinal Imaging – Yankee Eye Clinic

OPTOS Retinal Imaging

The Doctors at Yankee Eye Clinic, Rosemount Eye Clinic and Cannon Eye Clinic recommend an Optos Digital Image of the retina as part of your annual eye exam.  It is fast and comfortable and can show approximately 80% of the retinal area.  ALL WITHOUT DILATION!

The image is available for viewing and discussion immediately after capture and is saved for future comparisons should anything change.

Some of the first ocular signs of diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal tears or detachments, diabetes, retinal hemorrhages, retinal degenerations, glaucoma, stroke, and even some cancers can be detected before you experience any symptoms.

Images courtesy of Optos.

Optos is one of the most vital instruments we have.  Take advantage of this great technology when you come in for your exam.